And, relax...

Just found this, about 2 minutes walk from my office. I feel this could be bad for my wallet but good for my soul.

In other news, back from the US, jet lag waning. Saw Duran Duran last night, cheesetastic 80s shenanigans of the highest order. They rock quite a lot live, it would seem they have pretensions of being rock musicians. :)

Hmm, I'm most disappointed that LJ doesn't seem to have cheesetastic in its spell check dictionary. I must mail support...
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Oooh. Nothing can possibly be better than nubile young virgins running their hands all over your well-oiled back :)
}:) indeed - it's very nice when Beth gives me massages, however my back is in such a state I need professional help. Beth's paws get tired very quickly.