A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind man...

So, a lot of people seem to be getting militant about the new nudge feature in livejournal. I am rather left wondering why this is. Any conciencious objectors out there care to fill me in on their reasoning?

I can see how having randoms annoying you would be a bad thing but the feature is only open to mutual friends and only if you've not posted for a week. Does anyone out there who doesn't post weekly have mutual friends who couldn't just email them anyway?
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To quote myself, writing elsewhere:
There's a new feature, "nudge". Suppose your house burns down, or you're run over by a truck, or your parents both die and you have to sort out their will. You'll be away from LJ for a bit, yes?
Well, the "nudge" feature allows all of us to add to your stress and workload by instructing the LJ servers to send you spam saying "you haven't updated recently".
"Disable nudges" allows you to opt out of that feature.