A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind man...

So, a lot of people seem to be getting militant about the new nudge feature in livejournal. I am rather left wondering why this is. Any conciencious objectors out there care to fill me in on their reasoning?

I can see how having randoms annoying you would be a bad thing but the feature is only open to mutual friends and only if you've not posted for a week. Does anyone out there who doesn't post weekly have mutual friends who couldn't just email them anyway?
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Of those I would consider the latter two as rude or invading my privacy. It's no one else's business but my own if I want to read and not engage
On the invasion of privacy front, I've always felt that the last journal posting date should show the date of the last entry that the user looking at the page could read -- so that if you've been filtered out of a user's recent posts, their last posting date won't appear to change.
It doesn't make rendering a user's userinfo page any more complex than rendering their journal page.

Userinfo page:
- exampleusername
- Date updated: 2002-09-04 21:04:53, 175 weeks ago

Journal page:
- exampleusername
- Thursday, September 5th, 2002
- 12:04 am If you've ...

(okay, one's in local time and one's in UTC, but that's a trivial difference)

That is rather a giveaway, isn't it. Would you object if the nudge service was based on the last visible post, rather than last post overall?
That wouldn't invalidate ffutures' objection which he voiced in a comment to news, and to which I linked using the "bad mood" icon, below -- nor the argument I quoted to easterbunny in my reply to her comment below that. Further, it would allow someone outside a filter to nudge someone who frequently posts inside that filter.

Default to off, for everyone. Make it a tickbox in editinfo.bml. And then re-announce the feature, with instructions on how to enable it.
I suppose their argument would be that if you're an infrequent LJ user then you're unlikely to be aware of the feature or indeed activate it, thus making it pointless.

It seems most people consider it pointless in the first place, myself included. Would seem more effective to ask other people if so_n_so was ok, and if they'd heard from them recently, methinks.

I'm not saying people were complaining unneccessarily, by any means, I just didn't see what problems it was really causing. If would be fair to say that my query was well answered. :)
All depends what the terms & conditions when you sign up...
(personally I'd regard any site I was a 'member' of to at least have the right to say when I was last seen!)