Oh yes, it seems to be January.

Well, I've done it again.

I've gone a bit January and signed up to Holmes Place gym membership.

easterbunny thinks I'm daft and am wasting my money again. Perhaps I am but I really would like to get some exercise and improve my fitness. We shall see how it goes.

Anyone out there a member of a Holmes Place? I've gone for Classic Clublink membership, so I can use all but 4 of their UK clubs for free. Wanna work out sometime? :)
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Heh, no worries. I understand your frustrations. If I were you I'd just agree to the induction then explain your situation to the trainer you get. I'm sure they'll be most understanding that you've just moved Gyms and are not a numpty and let you get on with just the briefest of intros.
Ooh, I might try that. I shall blame you if I get stuck with someone insisting on showing me all the machines. All I ever want or need is directions to where things are and instructions on how to use the lockers!