Oh yes, it seems to be January.

Well, I've done it again.

I've gone a bit January and signed up to Holmes Place gym membership.

easterbunny thinks I'm daft and am wasting my money again. Perhaps I am but I really would like to get some exercise and improve my fitness. We shall see how it goes.

Anyone out there a member of a Holmes Place? I've gone for Classic Clublink membership, so I can use all but 4 of their UK clubs for free. Wanna work out sometime? :)
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Why thankyou - tis my special diet icon, premiered when we signed up to ediets :)
Yup, I'm a member of the Croydon branch (downstairs from the cinema), and I'm probably more likely to turn up if I'm meeting someone there :)
talking of which. how much is membership there currently? If nothing else do you still have those guset things. i really want to try out the pool
It costs 61/month if you want to be able to get in at any time, or 54/month if you only want off-peak access (e.g. during the day when most people are at work). Unless it's changed recently, their standard thing is that they don't charge a joining fee as such, but they do charge you extra for a "startup" package when you first join (which covers things like an assessment of your current fitness level and a personal training plan). Mind you, they also have promotions every so often when they waive that cost.

Oh, and if you do sign up, mention my name, and then I may get some freebies :) Or Adam's name for that matter, if he's more likely to get a second person:

And yup, I've still got loads of free guest passes. If you like, we could go swimming on Sunday? There's no chlorine in the pool, but I'd still recommend bringing goggles (or buying them there). They'll lend you towels/padlock, so you don't need to bother with them.
i thought before 11 might be a bit to early. 4 sounds like a good plan
I shall have to come and investigate once I have my membership card. I'm having my induction on Tuesday.
Gah, inductions. I'm going to be joining a new gym in a couple of weeks (I'm waiting for the January rush to be over *grin*) and I'm really not looking forward to my usual battle of wills over whether I need an induction or not. I really don't and I hate doing things that are a colossal waste of my time and being told things I already know which is all an induction would involve.

Why do these places always insist on it. I understand that if you're new to gyms then health and safety and all that, but I've been to loads of gyms in the course of my adult life and the machines are all the same and I don't want a personal fitness plan so please can I just pay my way and work out? *wail*

Sorry, that's turned into a rant there, didn't mean to. *shuffles off*
Heh, no worries. I understand your frustrations. If I were you I'd just agree to the induction then explain your situation to the trainer you get. I'm sure they'll be most understanding that you've just moved Gyms and are not a numpty and let you get on with just the briefest of intros.
Ooh, I might try that. I shall blame you if I get stuck with someone insisting on showing me all the machines. All I ever want or need is directions to where things are and instructions on how to use the lockers!
I don't know about all gyms, but I think that Holmes Place mainly encourage the "induction process" thing because that's how they get their money (instead of joining fees).
Not how it was today. The induction session is free, then intro packs are optional on top of that. I went for the personal trainer intro pack since it's a load cheaper than the usual personal training price.

They do seem to very much encourage the intro packs mind you, it could well be the offer you had was tied to buying one - seems like the pricing structure is never the same twice from what I can tell.
good luck! i am in awe of you as i've never been able to bring myself to actually sign up at a gym. i've only gone as far as looking around one and asking questions.
I seem to have no trouble signing up. It's the continued attendance I've always found to be the problem.
i have problems with continued attendance in my own home! i bought Kinetic, that work out game for PS2 and had trouble staying committed to that!
Indeed, with good reason.

I'm hoping that it will be different this time, but with reason.

Opportunity: Wanting to get out of the office at lunch
Opportunity: Have time after work since you finish later than me

Movtive: Making appointments for personal trainer, classes and exercise with friends will help me actually turn up.

Plus I'm feeling much more positive about the whole thing. I'm doing it because I want to, not because I feel I should. The gym itself is actually a nice place to be and the staff seem much more oriented on providing a service.

The problem I had with Cannons in Cheam was that the gym was never a pleasent place to be and they seemed to focus on a social atmosphere rather than the task in hand, getting me fit. It put me off rather. A lot of this was probably my attitude towards it at the time but, again, I'm going into this with a better (I think) attitude and open eyes.

I'm just sick of being unfit and shapeless, I guess, and actively want to do something about it...
I'm hoping that putting some distance between me and the couch when I'm supposed to be going to the gym will have a positive effect too :)
Aaah, there's no gym for me but Esporta. Though this is pretty much entirely because it is at the top of my road (as opposed to 5/10/15 minutes walk away of the three other closest gyms near me...)
Convenience is a factor. The Holmes Place I've joined at today is 2 minutes from my office. The easier it is to get to the gym the better, I hope.

Not that it worked when I was a member of Cannons in Cheam, mind you, but I blame the couch and TV for that. :P