My Hair

Dear Lazyweb,

I don't really like my hair. Short and I look like a thug, anything above and it looks a mess. What should I do to smarten it up, make it look styled rather than just there and avoid looking like a member of the National Front?

Posting of photos of a do you think would suit would be super spiffy, if you can be arsed. :)


The Fluffy One.
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I recommend growing it out seriously. It's the only way to build your credibility as a scientist, and would make you eligible for The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club For Scientists - which is also a great source of inspiration for how to style it, including my own barnet in let-down mode.
Re: You know not what you say...
he was asking for that as an answer wasnt he :)
Re: You know not what you say...
Oh. My. Good. God. That really is frightening.

Barbara Dickson, anyone?
Clearly sir, you need to grow an Imperial! Any splendid facial shurbbery will immediately draw attention away from what your barnet is up to.
I am sadly lumbered with the curse of the Ginger Beard, which tends to detract from any gravitas my meagre attempts at facial hair may attain.
It's not a curse but a blessing! Or rather, people remark on my gravity more than my gravitas ;)
My cause isn't aided by the fact that my neck is as wide as the rest of my head - does rather give off the wrong vibes.
I suppose I don't wish to appear intimidating to anyone, even if I'm no threat. Easing first impressions is never a bad idea, really.
Once I realised that the long hair really had to go, I went down the "style" route and had a number 4 with hand-cut flourishes. It annoyed me so much looking like a bouffant fop that I angrily went back and demanded a number one. Moz reckons I look like a serious thug with a number 1, and insists I soften it to a 1+2. It's low maintenance and a bottle of shampoo lasts about a year...
How short is "short"? The first time I cut my hair really short was when I was just before I left school, and I started out with a grade 4 (crewcut). The problem is that if my hair is the same length all over, my head tends to look like a football... So, after that I used to get grade 4 on top, with grade 3 on the back and sides. Nowadays that seems a bit too short, so I go for grade 5 on top, with grade 4 on the back and sides. This has the advantage that I can do it myself, rather than going to a barbers.

The related issue is how often you want to cut it - the shorter you make it, the more time you have before it looks messy. I normally aim for once a month or so, although right now I'm way overdue, so I look a bit like a walking bush.

Having said all that, I tend to go for the "gentle biker" cliche, with short hair/fake leather jacket, so I may not be the best style guru to advise you :)

(For reference:
Grade 3 = 9mm
Grade 4 = 12mm
Grade 5 = 25mm)
I too go through the hair debate. Grow it out, keep it short. I feel your pain. But I think short not shaved is a good way to go. Like a 2 or 3 on the clipper guard. Good luck.