You know how I'm always saying how handy it would be to have journey planner for the entire country?

Apparently we do.

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It doesn't exactly cover the whole country - only larger towns. It doesn't know about the Scottish island we go to every year, for instance, nor even the ferry terminal that serves it. Being able to compare train and plane journeys easily is useful, but when I asked it for recommendations for London to Glasgow (on the basis that I know how long it takes to get to the island from there, and train+ferry is really the only option anyway), it recommended flying on the outward journey and getting the train back, which is insane from a financial point of view. I've bookmarked it, though, and will probably use it, so thanks!
It seems to be somewhat under development still, I just didn't know it even existed. The route it gave me from Soho to Cranleigh is spot on, however.