Oh dear.

Something very wonderful and very dangerous has happened.

Specifically this has happened.

If you want a proper cup of coffee in very civilized surroundings look no further.

And they're *right behind* my office. I fear for my innards and my wallet.

Look, pretty!!

Apparently they've been open since September. How did I miss this?!
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I have crappy instant coffee because I forgot to go to the place downstairs and am now too lazy to move.

Why does no-one (comparatively...) do non-espresso based coffee these days? The guys downstairs have a vat of slowly congealing brown-ness that they call drip coffee (and which actually tastes pretty good), but I wish Monmouth Street would open a branch over this side of London Bridge.
It is a sad fucking state when Bucks are the best drip coffee you can find, isn't it?