Oh dear.

Something very wonderful and very dangerous has happened.

Specifically this has happened.

If you want a proper cup of coffee in very civilized surroundings look no further.

And they're *right behind* my office. I fear for my innards and my wallet.

Look, pretty!!

Apparently they've been open since September. How did I miss this?!
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I have crappy instant coffee because I forgot to go to the place downstairs and am now too lazy to move.

Why does no-one (comparatively...) do non-espresso based coffee these days? The guys downstairs have a vat of slowly congealing brown-ness that they call drip coffee (and which actually tastes pretty good), but I wish Monmouth Street would open a branch over this side of London Bridge.
It is a sad fucking state when Bucks are the best drip coffee you can find, isn't it?
Perhaps their regulars have been jealously guarding their secret hideaway for fear of the hordes that would invade if people ever found out about their sacred place.

Now that you have told us, you must die. Of a caffeine overdose.
'nother cup this morning. OD is entirely possible. It's too good.