Two of my friends have been made redundant. This sucks.

So, if anyone is in need of a UNIX sysadmin or a webmaster/content manager/usability bod please drop me a line. Ta muchly.

Edit: I'm sorry to say, 3 friends - didn't know but there's a Java coder looking for work too...
Our place is looking for sys admins of good standing... have to be a bit enterprise mind.

and I have no idea how to get CV's into the recurtment process.
well both my feet work most of the time, so im normally quite good at standing. :)
Yes, I L just pointed out my mistake, I'd missed that info earlier... What would you say the 3rd description should be?
java monkey.
obviously this is what he gets for not posting this information to lj like a normal person :)
Can the webby person send me a CV? Where is he/she based?