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[blog] Silly Season

Morning all!

It would seem that the Christmas Silly Season has started in earnest. My diary tells me that its quite possible I will be out every night this week, including two roast dinners and one office-funded party. I fear for my waistline; especially after the comestibles this weekend pushed me back to the 18st line according to the scales this morning.

Last week was itself not bereft of festive boozing. Wednesday night I found myself rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of Soho's post-production systems administrators and other associated geeks at the Sohonet 10th Anniversary and Xmas party. Held at their loverly new (well to me, they've been there a year now, apparently) offices on Poland Street, next door to Milk and Honey. Stubbies of Spitfire were drunk, canapes consumed and gambling ignored in favour of conversation which actually managed the occasional meander away from ranting about work between myself and my boss' boss.

Thursday was an evening in with easterbunny rather than the usual pub night due to the toll to be taken on my internal organs and wallet by December's excesses and the fact that we'd not seen much of each other since Sunday afternoon as she'd been in the Frosty North visiting Big Dishes.

Friday saw myself and billyabbott heading to not one but two parties (a feat I shall repeat next Saturday, this time with added turkey). Firstly, with Dave WINOLJ but is letnash's other 1/2, to see off domgiles_blog who is about to head on, what could be a perminent, jaunt around Asia. He'd reserved an area in a place called The Strongrooms, a fantastic little dive near Old Street who do tasty food (so I'm told) and is quiet enough to be able to actually hold a conversation. No ale that I could spot, but Anchor Steam in the fride and a remarkable range of rums, as well as other spirits. One to return to for a more lengthy session, perhaps.

A couple of hours flew by in great company and, with a parting shot of Jagermeister, billyabbot and I bid the group fairwell and headed out to Dulwich for the Pre-Xmas Party Warmup Party at Neil & Jane's. This has been running some nine years now, in one form or another, and we've been hosts / assisting the hosts ever since I lived with Neil back in 1999/2000. The helpers tend to turn up the night before just to make sure the wine isn't poisoned. We're glad to say it was not, but we were very thorough in our investigations none the less.

The main party itself was fantastic fun. 34 bottles between 15 people, plus beer and spirits unknown. 2 x 22lbs turkeys, four score sausages wrapped in bacon at the very least, a plethora of deserts and much amusement from flying screaming balloons around the room. Chaos, blissful chaos. I fear I may have consumed my Annual RDA of pork product in under 48 hours; not that this is likely to limit future pork consumption, before the pork belly futures begin to plummet off the back of such news.

Sunday was relatively hangover free considering the previous nights excesses - I was saved by my wife taking me to bed when I started to nod off at the table. Middle-aged, me, an outrageous suggestion!

And so to this week, no peace for the wicked, so I'll see you in the pub. :)

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