Thanks guys!

Just a quick one to say thanks to everyone who came down to support us tonight, and extra to those who professed to like what they heard! You are all stars!

If you're interested we're going to be recording 3 demo tracks over the next few weeks, which will be available via our (presently defunced) website and at our next gig.

More details will follow here when I have them. Thanks again for the support.

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Top gig - next time you'll have to play longer as you all seemed to be able to stand afterwards...
Sorry we couldn't make it darling - I definately hope to make the next one

It was me being lame and having a headache that prevented us Rocking the night away...
No worries m'dear, we had a pretty good turnout. Actually got paid! Almost enough to cover the parking ticket Steve got parking outside the practice studio last saturday. :)
Sorry we didn't make it, I didn't even get out of the hairdressers till 7.15pm and by the time I'd got home and we'd eaten I was just exhausted.

We will do our best to make the next one! It sounded like a really good gig!
I was happy with it, and people seemed to be positive which is cool. Not sure when the next one will be but we should have some demo tracks ready in the next month and (once it has been resurrected) they'll be on the website.

Doubtless I'll be pimping them like a crazy man on LJ so I'm sure you'll be informed. :)