bob looks at adam from the crest of the memecurve.
what are you doing all the way down there man.
Yes dear, you're very special. Some of us have work to be doing which gets in the way of reading the entire intorweb. It does beg the question, why didn't you tell me, or indeed scotbot?
i actaully only read about 5 websites these days. Its just they alll happen to be the ones with the funky links. The fact that i saw the keybaord lijked to on several of them measn that obviulsy everyone knew :).

i just assuem everyone else reads things like boing boibg so postign to scot becoem redundant
i will start again if you want
*nodnods and giggles at slowpoke adam* I think I posted a link to this keyboard in #flat well over a week ago.

It is teh shiny. I need one. I'm even willing to buy a mac if it'll be the only supported platform.