Hmm, really didn't sleep well last night, am thoroughly zombified at present. Hopefully I'll spring back to life for the gig this evening.

Didn't pass my CBT yesterday. Apparently it will take me more than two hours on a bike to learn clutch control. Not that this was a real problem since the instructor qualified to do the road test section was not actually at work anyway so even if I had been up to it I would still not have the bits of paper I seek.

Coffee time...
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Meh, so long as I don't ride like an idiot I shouldn't be too much of a donar risk. I fancy my chances more on a motorbike than a pushbike.
I guess it all depends. Maybe you should get a harley. With a turning circle of about four thousand meters and a size bigger than most cars, you shouldn't be much of a risk. And you could get a helmet with horns on it.
All together now: "Am I Eeeevil?" :)

I'm thinking something a little smaller to begin with, althougha cruiser might be rather tempting once I move to the US.

The Honda CB series have caught my eye, we shall see what the secondhand market holds once I sort my licence.
I fancy my chances more on a motorbike than a pushbike.

Why, out of interest? Eurostat has fatalities per billion km travelled as twice as high for motorbikes than pushbikes in the UK (c. 100 vs 50), and generally motorbikes travel more km than pushbikes.

(For comparison, pedestrians rate 40 stiffs per billion km, car passengers around 3 per billion km, and bus passengers about 0.4. Ignoring the fitness benefit - which is actually very significant - you're a hundred times safer taking the bus than walking!)