[gig] Nothing Gained @ The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town - Tuesday 16th August, 2005.

Following up my previous post my band Nothing Gained will be playing a gig next Tuesday. We've finally gotten a flyer together, so if you want to come along print it out and you'll save a quid! :)

Combined with my special beer-rebate offer, stated previously, it's almost like you're getting in free. So come one, come all, see us make arses of ourselves, you know you want to. :)
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The one in the flyer? Not right now no, some issue over the hosting account being in our ex-singer's name and having expired. I'm trying to wrangle a way of prising it from their cold dead hands as I type. :)
> see us make arses of ourselves

I thought you were quite good actually.
This is the Other Band, however, and my first gig with them. We shall see how it goes. :)