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Sing a little ditty

Just a quick one to let y'all know that me and one of my bands, Nothing Gained (no website right now due to slight wranglings with expired hosting *ahem*), will be playing a gig at the Bull and Gate, Kentish Town on Tuesday 16th August. I'm told we'll be on stage sometime after 8pm, but the pub part of the venue is open all day, and doors to the venue itself open at 7pm so feel free to come whenever you like (we'll be there soundchecking and the like from 5:30pm or so).

We play our own material, falling broadly into what could be described as modern metal, and this is my first gig as vocalist for the band. T'would be great if you could come down. :) I'll post a flyer here once we have it finalised which should get you a discount on the door. I'll even buy you a brew to offset the ticket cost. :) Would be great to see you there.
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