The Good / The Bad

My bad: I was unable to complete my CBT today due too my head being to large. The training centre did not have a helm which would fit over my noggin...

My good: I have been accepted onto the MSc course I applied for!! Rawk!!

People are seeing Queen this evening in the park. I am not, but I did have lunch with some of them (the seeers, not Queen)
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Congratulations on the MSc. Of course, the hard part is now about to begin :)

I had the same problem on my CBT course, so I wound up going to the nearest shop to buy my own helmet - they were able to wedge a helmet onto my head so that they could give me a lift, even though it was ludicrously/uncomfortably tight, and literally took a couple of minutes to get on/off with assistance.
Of course, what I should have said was:

Queen rocked mightily
Oh how mightily they rocked
\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

(where \m/ is defined to be one syllable)
Heh, wondered if it was that one (I recalled you talking about it a while back). Well, our paths may cross -- at least virtually -- if they call me back in to do my "CAs, what are they then" lecture again...
ditto to bibliogirl, and is it a full time or part time while staying in your job thing?

And also ditto to all the congrats!! :-D
It's a part time correspondance course through University of London's External Programme. It's a sister course to the full-time MSc at Royal Holloway which I can do over 2-4 years.
Sorry to hear that your head is too big to do a CBT, hopefully that means there is enough space for your MSc to fit in...

Best of luck sir..
Sympathies from a similarly big head afflicted person over the CBT and hearty congratulations for being accepted onto the MSc course! Woot!
*bounces congratulatorily on the helmet until it gives up and fits over your head* :D
Congratulations! That's excellent news! You'll be very busy then, for the next few years.