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Guilty as charged, m'lud.

Last night I did the unthinkable. I crossed a line no man should cross. I don't believe I will ever recover from this grievous error. Last night, I brought a set of bathroom scales into the marital home.

Little did I know the chain of events that would unfold...

Whilst I was planning on losing some weight following a stern talking to by my GP I didn't expect to be a member of eDiets UK. So, it's official, I'm on a diet (or rather I'm trying to adjust my eating habits - no more Lard Suprise for me). I might even manage to stick to this one (ha!).

Oddly, this will mean me actually eating breakfast during the week for the first time in a while. We shall see how this works out since, previously, when I've eaten breakfast I've had trouble holding out until lunchtime and spend most of the day craving snacks. I shall, however, attempt to follow eDiets with the same dedication that I believe the London Journey Planner since they ought to know best.

Not only did I get a set of scales, I got quite a shiny one with one of those body-fat measuring thingumies too, so here's how I turned out this morning:

Weight: 17st 11.6lbs (249.6lbs or 113.2kgs)
Body Fat: 33.1%

Interestingly my readings from last night were:

Weight: 18st 01.6lbs (251.6lbs or 115kgs)
Body Fat: 27.9%

So it looks like the body fat reading can vary a lot depending on how dehydrated you are (since that would be most of the 2lbs which disappeared overnight, methinks).

Targets, such as they are, vary wildly depending on which measure you look at. Apparently my bodyfat should be somewhere between 8% and 20%, and for my height I should be (get this) between 9st 6lbs and 12st 7lbs (according to BMI).

eDiets has me down to (eventually) get to 11st 11lbs however if 1/3 of my weight is fat then I'd have to lose all my fat and a bit of muscle to achieve this, which strikes me as unlikely. If I aim for 14% body fat that leaves me with a weight of around 15st. This is perhaps somewhat more realistic a target that won't involve amputation to achieve.

In any case I'll stick to my menu and see how I fair. The hardest thing will be limiting the booze methinks. Wine is tasty and beer foamy and oh how I love them so.
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