The intorweb is a marvelous thing, however it can get you in to bovver (from rjw1, posted on scotbot).

This got me wondering. Whilst I have a relatively rare surname (once I've filtered out Wystan Hugh and all the copies of Funeral Blues the unwashed feel the need to post having seen Four Weddings...) the average Mr John Smith would be quite hard to pin down on the net without further information (email address, other contacts, social networking and the like).

Are there search engines which allow you to register and filter on these kind of links? Seems like it would be quite handy to be able to track references to a particular person or organisation in this rather cluttered namespace we're fighting with. Anyone know of such a thing? Anyone? Bueller?
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"not as such". It seems the best way is to not end up in search engines in the first place (some peopel I know try to accomp[lish this by using separate names and contact details for "in-work" and "off-work" internet activity, up-to and including mail addresses and aliases).

I do it mainly by trying to keep under the search-engine horizon (thus, no indexing (supposedly) allowed on my LJ and no indexing of many (but not all) virtual web servers I run).