Still, if Silicon Graphics have moved away from making the unique, powerful, wonderful kit they used to make, I guess it won't make much difference if they disappear or not.
They still make the big iron, it's just that the market for it has been erroded. If you need decent I/O for big databases you go to Sun or IBM, if you need some serious CPU power you buy commodity since it's damned cheap in comparison and Intel/AMD processor research has far outstripped anything the trad UNIX manufacturers can muster.

Sun are redefining themselves as a software company, more and more their using Opereron workstations not even built by them. IBM have been a service and support company above all else for years now. The markets for the big SGI machines just aren't big enough to support the company any more, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.
I wonder how they're going to redefine themselves?

I remember they used to produce some pretty damned powerful graphics systems, so I wonder if they'll concentrate more on imaging / graphics software for PCs from now on?
Well their big market is high end GFX and visualisation. We use them for digital film and video processing using the Inferno/Flame range of software from Autodesk (formerly Discreet). I imagine they're somewhat concerned, given that they rely on SGI kit for their higher end products.

As to whether SGI can make the move to Linux/IRIX running on Intel/AMD I really don't know. I'm not sure there's enough value added by IRIX itself (which they haven't already integrated into Linux and open sourced) to stop software vendors just moving platforms and leaving SGI high and dry...
i would have said sun before ibm. since at least sun almost still seem intersted in hardware.
I'll offer 10 quid and a bag of home made pig bits.
I think this will shurely put me at the head of the acquisitional pack - HP EAT MY ARSE!

I don't think HP buying them should be allowed, as they are really Compaq these days, and while Compaq buying Digital and then "merging" with HP was wrong, buying SGI would be downright rude...dodgy manufacturer of crappy consumer desktops that Compaq are at heart...

Wow, I have some issues to work out I think.
And aren't Compaq IBM now? Or is that just the service operation? I prefer Compaq kit over IBM, that's for sure, and our dual-CPU HP workstations have been suffering from severe reliability issues.
HP bought Compaq, who previously bought Digital, so there's a whole selection of old UNIX platforms buried therein. Incidentally SGI own all the old Cray technology (or at least that which Sun didn't buy to make the E10k).
I'm about to scrap a load of O2 and Indigo kit. It's such a shame - it's so well-made, but it's all obsolete. I've no idea what SGI do these days.
It was a sad day when I had to sell my Indigo2. I still miss it. *sniffle*

I think that Sun would be a logical buyer, as their architecture's not a million miles apart. The problem is that Sun's not doing particularly well, either...