New Glasses

New Glasses New Glasses

A camera-phone shot of my new glasses. I'm afraid if I take them off they will vanish into the background and I will never see them again.

I thinks they're quite funky.

In other news, wine is bad and my wife is a bad influence.
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They're the latest thing from Emporer Eyeware. If you can't see them you're obviously a dumbass, or something. You'll have to read the marketing blurb.
I think I read a story about the was called "The Whiny Little Girls New Glasses" or something.
You'd probably want to rent the movie, I think Disney did a version.
Was it a hollow and lifeless shell, like so many upchuckings of the Mouse and His minions? As for whining like a leetle girl, how are your legs functioning these days?
I have accepted the fact that my whining is very similar to that of a little girl, and have used that as a positive centre of my life from which to launch my many ambitions.

Do you accept that you are a whiny little girl? Go'll help in the long run.

In other news:
Best Disney Review Evah.