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Entry the Miscellaneous.

Hello friends. Long time no post, eh? No real content here, no surprise at that, but a couple of things:

Firstly, gosh darn it those Damned Yanks really can make some fantastic beer. Sainsbury's had some offer on related to the International Beer Competition and I picked up a selection of brews from Rogue. This evening I am sampling Younger's Special Bitter, somewhat hoppier than the traditional English bitter it claims to be but extremely tasty for it. I look forward to the other purchases I have made.

Secondly, easterbunny and I are planning on making complete fools of ourselves and also walk miles and miles and miles for charidee. Namely, the Moonwalk! See my good lady's post for more details and an easy method to giz cash in a good cause. Clicky, clicky.

Oh, and I got my application in for this at lunch too. :)

Thankyou for listening, we shall now resume our normal silence service.
Tags: beer, msc, pimp

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