easterbunny was suprised to find that she'd been quoted on LJ here. Apparently she is well quoted indeed! :)
No, but it does mean that lots of random people will read your journal and every so often do your polls or leave a comment, thus making you wonder "...who the hell are they?".
Perhaps we should introduce a new piece of LJ etiquette? Fly-by posters/pollsters required to provide a deep fried snack of your choice as thanks?
Oooh, the kidn of stuff that has loads of cracked pepper in the batter and stuff. Mmm.

You could ask them to leave you friend chicken, but you might get stale dodgy 4 week old KFC in the post >_
THey're like little racoons, aren't they?

I remember some of the stuff one of my cats used to drag in and that we'd fine MONTHS later stuffed away somewhere. >_<
Christ, I've been metaquoted a few times myself, but I've always been told about it first.

She has a great point with the roast potatoes, tho'. And the Presbyterians, come to think of it... :D
I find my missus to be most insightful, if somewhat crackpot. Which does make for excellently quotable material.
*grin* She certaily is quotable, that potato quote has left me with a severe craving for roast potatoes now!
Now that I think of it, I'm surprised she hasn't been metaquoted before. That journal's a rather deep well. :)