Fairer taxes are needed say the Lib Dems. What I find a little concerning is that their proposed local income tax would cost easterbunny and me over one thousand pounds per year more than our current council tax arrangements.

And the useless swines still wouldn't collect our rubbish.
The problem with the Lib Dems is that they really haven't (or at least hadn't last time I'd looked) really thought about some of what they intend. Going back a year, they said "abolish the DTI, save £7bn".

OK, DTI is indeed a department that costs £7bn. OF which about 6 is direct money going into science and technology development and exploitation. The rest of it is business support etc, which one could possibly lose, but frankly it's a good thing especally when one considers R&D and inward investment.

The actuall staffing costs of DTI are quite low, as there's only about 3000 of us (excluding agencies such as ACAS, Comnpanies House etc). If they abolished DTI, and did not transfer the work elsewhere (which would mean moving the people around and not having any discernable effect on overall numbers) there would be no consumer protection policy, no low pay unit, no employment relations policy, no competition policy, no equal opportunities policy, no energy policy, no overseas trade development...