Fairer taxes are needed say the Lib Dems. What I find a little concerning is that their proposed local income tax would cost easterbunny and me over one thousand pounds per year more than our current council tax arrangements.

And the useless swines still wouldn't collect our rubbish.
It really is suprising that the Conservatives and Labour aren't banging on about this a little more.
Indeed. [sigh]

otoh, are the Lib Dems promoting it as being a good thing? If not, it's probably not considered to be high enough profile.

It should be, though.
They're not pointing out these increases because Conservative and Labour don't want to mention the fact that the Lib Dem's actually *have* policies. They're too busy labelling them as wasted votes or votes for the other side. They're determined to turn it into a two horse race and they can't rip apart lib dem policy without acknowledging them as a real threat.

Also I suspect most of the people negatively affected by the increases will either sigh and say "oh well, for the best I suppose" or not be voting lib dem anyway. Labour and Conservatives can't point out how bad this plan is for top earners without acknowledging that it's good for the bottom earners who everyone is desperately trying to claim. Also the obvious response of the Lib Dems to any criticism is to throw it back again with a "go on then, show us quantitavely where *you're* money is coming from".
Yes. I would like to see a London/SE-weighted version of that graph. I think it would tell a different tale.
I think never mind council tax, you should be asked to knock off your mortgage payments. That sorts out the men from the boys.
Ah, the heady days of a mortgage being tax efficient. I would claim to miss them but I've only been a home-owner for 3 years or so...
I suppose you could say I'm lucky - I bought my house 11 years ago now, when the market was still a bit depressed (and due to dead parents, my mortage was only a third of the value of the house - now it's 1/7). I did enjoy mortgage tax relief for a while. And the married man's tax allowance.
And what about rent? The same amount of money, and there's no long term benefit.

Yup, I would agree that a London / SE weighed picture would look a lot different.