Fairer taxes are needed say the Lib Dems. What I find a little concerning is that their proposed local income tax would cost easterbunny and me over one thousand pounds per year more than our current council tax arrangements.

And the useless swines still wouldn't collect our rubbish.
Yeah, it'd probably cost me more too (depending, of course, on how the rebanding comes off for me). But that seems right to me, since I think people who are fairly well off should be paying more, which does include me.

I found this Where Do You Fit In? site from the IFS quite eye-opening. It ranks you in the population according to income. I came out a lot higher than I imagined.
Perhaps I'm underestimating my standing in society, but I don't think I'm earning huge amounts of cash, and living in London and paying off student debts that kind of tax hike would be unpleasent. You can understand why they talk about the details of the 50% bracket for 100k and over, obviously hits many less people.
Well, I don't know - I've just had a look at this (and do you know how difficult it is to assess when you are sub-letting from a pensioner?!?) and on the IFA site it reckons I am in the 95th percentile for earnings. I apparently earn more than 54 million people. As my pay is crap, I am utterly shocked... plus, if I earn more that 95% of the country, how the crap can I not afford a house!??!

There is something deeply fishy going on, methinks.
Yes. I would like to see a London/SE-weighted version of that graph. I think it would tell a different tale.
I think never mind council tax, you should be asked to knock off your mortgage payments. That sorts out the men from the boys.
Handy link, thanks, although I share everyone else's surprise/scepticism about the results. In my case, I'm supposedly above 96% of the population, and my council tax would go up by about 50% (another 480/year). So, it wouldn't be as bad for me as for other people, but still not too pleasant.
*blink, blink* Okay, so we should pay an extra 2 grand a year? I think _not_. (Oh God, that reminds me, must sort out paying CT on the empty property...)
well I would be paying over 50% more (admittedly they do empty my bins where I am, though mainly all over the road :) And i live alone so if there was anyone else earning it would really go through the roof.

The only redeeming argument goes in the south east with higher incomes councils will set lower taxes to get the same budget (sorry got distarcted by the flying taxes)
The only redeeming argument goes in the south east with higher incomes councils will set lower taxes to get the same budget

True indeed, but one has to wonder how many would. This is the one reason I do agree with the policty, it's bringing control of taxation closer to the electorate. Personally I think more power for decision making needs to be moved locally to engage people in politics again.
Bah. I was going to proxy my vote northwards and use it for the hairy lefties of the Scottish Socialist Party. But then I found out they're in favour of Scottish independence, which is stupid. Bah. As a council-tax-exempt student I have no qualms with their raising it ;-)

But seriously, if they did raise the council tax (which I will be paying as of next year), I could afford it (though I would like to see vaguely where it's going or something). These views subject to change depending how long I can stand being a penniless teacher...