It would seem I need to make this soon.
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it's *gorgeous* - we buy our beef in 1/4 cow loads from Mr Rawlings finest, and we always use the fillet for that recipe. The Rick Stein books are terrific.
indeed it is - it came in our organic veg box one week, and was -- almost -- to pretty yo eat.
I used to make stroganoff all the time when i lived at home - not quite as nice as mr stein's though...cheaper meat, no mushrooms (if my mum didn;t see me miss them out) and normal cream rather than sour cream...

I also used to make something similar involving medallions of pork which where flambed in brandy before being cooked in the stroganoff style sauce

Flashbacks to cooking days past. Woah.
BBC website is goooood! And mmm, i made stroganoff once when my brother fell in love with the stuff in prague, though it went a bit wrong when mater came along and plopped the cream in at the wrong time and temperature. Still tasty tasty though.
Count me in! (though a little out of context to see Rick Stein doing something that isn't seafood ;-)

Right, the next time I get chance to make this is....Sunday 3rd April. bugger. ;-)
Funny that - Susie and I were having this exact discussion the other night - i.e. "you're going to have to make that".