LJ Codes

Yes Yes, Y'all, Y'Don't Stop!

*ahem* Hello there.

I just noticed, I have LJ codes coming out of my ears. Would anyone like a free account for comment posting purposes, or indeed to get themselves an LJ and share a little piece of themselves on the web.

Prace your bets!

Edit: Just for the record, this was really intended for people I actually know. I guess most of these comments came from some google searching. I don't mind my friends getting a free ride of my account, but LJ accounts don't cost so much, so ante up and support the service. kthx.
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You don't look as if you have codes coming out of your ears. I thought it was just "old-man hair"...

Go on then, send me a code and I'll think of something evil to do with it. ;-0
But you already have an LJ account, what would you want with it? =) I'll mail it to you m'dear.
To do evil things of course!

Actually I was wondering whether you could set up a completely fictional account and write a story, in a diary way (a la Bridget Jones or Dracula) and get peoples comments back. Not on the story of course, but on what's happening. Sort of unintentional role play or something.

Oh, and cheers hon!
BTW, I never did email this to you - I don't have your address =) Do you still want one. Mail me at adam@bimble.net so I can bounce one back to you.