September 2nd, 2009

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Amazon S3: How to back it up? (also S3 and MogileFS)

So, there is much talk about using S3 for backing up your production data, but what if your production data is *in* S3?

S3's resilience and availability is oft touted (although with some hyperbole, three 9s could still leave you down for a business day without recourse) however user, coder and admin error occurs and, perhaps, a get out is needed if S3 does go down for whatever reason.

So, do any of you have precious things in S3? How to you keep them safe and secure? Inquiring minds want to know.

As an aside, MogileFS and S3 seem to have a certain affinity. Has anyone tried to put together an interface so that applications could be coded to use either at a whim? Seems like it shouldn't be too hairy, but then I'm an admin, what do I know about coding. :) If that were reasonable, then would syncing a local MogileFS install with your S3 buckets be a reasonable way of keeping backups, and how would you handle revisions of files in that instance...
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