January 6th, 2006


My Hair

Dear Lazyweb,

I don't really like my hair. Short and I look like a thug, anything above and it looks a mess. What should I do to smarten it up, make it look styled rather than just there and avoid looking like a member of the National Front?

Posting of photos of a do you think would suit would be super spiffy, if you can be arsed. :)


The Fluffy One.
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Oh yes, it seems to be January.

Well, I've done it again.

I've gone a bit January and signed up to Holmes Place gym membership.

easterbunny thinks I'm daft and am wasting my money again. Perhaps I am but I really would like to get some exercise and improve my fitness. We shall see how it goes.

Anyone out there a member of a Holmes Place? I've gone for Classic Clublink membership, so I can use all but 4 of their UK clubs for free. Wanna work out sometime? :)
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