August 16th, 2005



Hmm, really didn't sleep well last night, am thoroughly zombified at present. Hopefully I'll spring back to life for the gig this evening.

Didn't pass my CBT yesterday. Apparently it will take me more than two hours on a bike to learn clutch control. Not that this was a real problem since the instructor qualified to do the road test section was not actually at work anyway so even if I had been up to it I would still not have the bits of paper I seek.

Coffee time...
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Thanks guys!

Just a quick one to say thanks to everyone who came down to support us tonight, and extra to those who professed to like what they heard! You are all stars!

If you're interested we're going to be recording 3 demo tracks over the next few weeks, which will be available via our (presently defunced) website and at our next gig.

More details will follow here when I have them. Thanks again for the support.

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