April 16th, 2005



Bah, when are these people going to realise that Free Trade isn't the problem?

We don't have Free Trade, we have massivly protected and subsidised trade due to the way we're propping up farming across europe where it really is not economically viable. If we stopped subsidising products we exported outside of the EU we'd give the developed world a break and save on our EU grants each year.

Hell, if we stopped the subsidies totally then the poor countries could export to us. Value for money and helping the developing world? It's almost like a good idea!!


Edit: As for Fair Trade, could anything smack more of shorttermism? Are we supposed to just keep on with the handouts forever? Hows about a plan to provide support through the Fair Trade subsidies to help producers move to a product there is a sustainable demand for? Don't get me wrong, it's a great way of helping people but you're back to the whole Fish/Net analogy. A continual supply of fish is not the solution we should be aiming for.
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