October 25th, 2004


Lost and Found

Today I took on an orphan. Whilst heading to work I found a discarded copy of Tom Cox's Educating Peter, a 'part coming-of-age story and part urban travelogue' about the musical education of a surly teenager by the author, a music critic and friend of said teen's parents.

It is my intent to read this disenfranchised tome and then release it into the wild to fend for itself. Now, I know there are innumerate book sharing schemes out there, many of which log the travels of the books as they go. I quite like this idea and thought I would petition you good people for any advice you may have on experiences you've had with these services? Anyone used one before, or have any idea which is likely to be more active in the UK?

I'll let you know how it goes (both the reading and the releasing) in later posts. May even break my lull, eh?
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MPC still hunting sysadmins

Wanted, UNIX people. 2 positions, 3 years and 5 years of experience respectively. Please see here for more details. (Please excuse the brokenness of the frame set, it's the only way I can link to it).

Any questions, feel free to comment or email me and I'll answer as best I can. For more details and applications, email Kate (as detailed on the web site).