Congratulations to easterbunny, now a fully not-quite-yet certified Limey/Colonist hybrid!
Not yet, not yet. I don't get my Certificate of Citizenship until I undergo the Citizenship Ceremony. Which is nothing to be sneezed at, mind you - I found out that the London Borough of Sutton like to personalize their citizenship ceremonies by bestowing the citizenee with a paperweight bearing the borough coat of arms. (Seriously.)
But it's all over bar the shouting and paperweight presentation, right?
well there's the traditional citizenship robes to order, and of course there's never enough ocelots running around to make the collar deep enough so you have to wait a bit for that. And then there's the ritual itself as learning the 12 chants with their complex rhythms is difficult to say the least, and having the soles of your feet beaten with an eel often makes it difficult to stay in time.

At least they give you the eel for tea.
I like to think of it as my new airborn vehicle defense system. (If the local mange attempt to menace my new car Hamish, then I will cause the paperweight to be airborn from a window in my lounge.)