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The emotional automobile rollercoaster

Long time, no update, as per. I'm sure you all pine for my cerebral outpourings with the passing of every day. Well tough turkey, you're getting a rant instead.

As those of you who read easterbunny's journal will know, a couple of weeks ago an Unfortunate Incident took place between our faithful Citroen Saxo, Magnus, and a Grumpy Old Man's Ford Galaxy, aka The Suburban Oil Tanker. Needless to say the Ford possesed something of a weight advantage and Magnus faired non too well. Thankfully easterbunny came out of this as unscathed as one can hope when involved in a car wreck however for poor old Magnus the future was looking anything but rosy.

So, at this point, having engaged previously the services of The Automobile Associations fine insurance brokers, we called to inform them of our predicament. Many details were taken, much burocracy was untangled and finally we had made our claim. So, I wondered, when will be getting our courtesy car, so conveniently provided under the terms of our cover? Ah, you see we only provide courtesy cars if the vehicle is being repaired, not if it's being written off, so you'll have to wait for a decision.

Not unreasonable, I supposed, although a tad awkward. Furthermore, since easterbunny had been told to work from home the rest of the week and take it easy, I thought we would be sorted one way or another before a replacement car would be required. A couple of days later we heard back from the garage in Sutton which Magnus had finally made it to telling us that it looked like the end was indeed nigh, and that the poor chap was to be written off (a "total loss" in insurance parlance, it would seem - a little harsh I felt but I'll be sure not to mention it to Magnus). So, no courtesy car. They said we should hear from and engineer from the insurance company in the next couple of days with details of our settlement and what we needed to do to get it.

And so, the lack of vehicle spurred us into action. 'Pon Saturday we looked at a car, a true horror, unloved for months and a little soggy around the edges because of it. The following Tuesday another followed which, to my untrained eye seemed ok. According to the RACs far more trained eye it was an unholy abomination wrought upon four wheels. So we elected to keep looking.

Conveniently I had taken Friday off work so we managed to get another viewing sorted on a nice looking model, an MX-5 Gleneagles special edition, at that. Lovely motor, and right about the amount of money we were expecting to receive from the insurance company in compensation of our Magnus being rather different to the shape he was when he emerged from the factory. Splendid, we cry. Again, being a little wet behind the ears we engaged the services of a chap from the RAC to give it a once over. It came back with a glowing report so without further ado we bought it!

Rejoice, you say, all the hassle is gone and you have a shiny new car! And so I thought, until I called the insurance company this morning to chase the claim. It would seem they have decided that they may not write off Magnus after all. Which leaves us in a little bit of a pickle. With an extra car. And no insurance cheque to cover the cost of Hamish (as the Gleneagles has been dubbed). This is an unequivical pain in the rear end, and no mistake.

Having made a couple of calls this isn't so bad. The local Citroen dealership will give us 2500 for Magnus if repaired, which doesn't cover the total cost of Hamish, but is getting there, but still this is more stress than I really needed on the morning I thought this whole mess was sorted.

One thing which I'm really narked about, however, is the fact that almost two weeks from the accident, if they decide to repair, we're still without the courtesy car that our premiums have paid for. This could have saved us a weeks car rental if nothing else. The fact that it's taken them this long to actually work out whether it's a write-off is bad, but the lack of communication and customer service just takes the cake.

Bother it.

BTW, meet Hamish in the user pic. :)

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