Coffee is magic. Even now I feel the life-force flowing back into my extremities - No chuckling at the back! Why have 4 hours more sleep (which, to be fair, is what I really need) when you can have some of the divine dark liquor to see you through.

That said, this is Starbucks. When am I going to learn that they *do not* make tasty coffee. Blerg!
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Coffee is indeed magic.

It is, in fact, so magical that even I am now drinking coffee. (Black, two sugars.)

It's not that I've gotten used to, or even started liking, the taste. I hate it just as much as I used to.

It's the fact that I've realised that the caffeine goodness far outweighs the yucky badness, encouraging me to pay less attention to its taste and more to the way the world suddenly stops looking like it's been attacked by a hyperactive child armed with the smudge tool.