Coffee is magic. Even now I feel the life-force flowing back into my extremities - No chuckling at the back! Why have 4 hours more sleep (which, to be fair, is what I really need) when you can have some of the divine dark liquor to see you through.

That said, this is Starbucks. When am I going to learn that they *do not* make tasty coffee. Blerg!
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Hmm, blithering non-sensically, never good...

But not entirely unexpected. :)
:o You so meeeeeeeeeeeeeean!

You try living carless in Silwood and not going a bit blibley :p VROOM!! Hehehe, sticky drink, aca, begining of an all-nighter. Why brain, that's a delicious idea ;) VROOM pssssssssssht hee. Also, I'm structuing population matrices at the moment, so I need pity