Coffee is magic. Even now I feel the life-force flowing back into my extremities - No chuckling at the back! Why have 4 hours more sleep (which, to be fair, is what I really need) when you can have some of the divine dark liquor to see you through.

That said, this is Starbucks. When am I going to learn that they *do not* make tasty coffee. Blerg!
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Nono, I got 6 hours, needed 10. :)

Was awoken by the smaller and more truculant of the cats at 5:45. Upon realising that I wasn't about to roll over and go back to sleep I went and drained a couple of pints of water to stave off the hangover, resetting my alarm for 6:40. Heroically I even made the 7:09 train, although was without tunes as I couldn't find my mp3 player.

Did it make it upstairs with the side table?
We need some kind of perminant charging solution. My phone does this on my bedside table, but the mp3 player rarely makes it upstairs since it lives most of it's life in the recesses of my jacket. I wonder if you can get desktop cradles for the creative zen players...

My PDA (should I ever return it to a useable state) needs a similar setup. Perhaps some room needs to be made on the computer desk...