Wined, Dined and sharp of mind.

Ah, I love the smell of dehydration in the morning. Methinks my enthusiasm for the creamy pasta and wine provided last night by darkpoint and realtan at their lovely place in Penge has left me feeling a little world weary this morning.

easterbunny and I trundled along (after some navigational wavering on both our parts) and were met with tasty foods, pleasant conversations and perplexing boardgames. Got to meet Helen, their roommate (WINOLJ?), who seems lovely and suitably random to fit nicely into their household. :)

Discovered that the bunny and I could easily become board game geeks with little to no effort, and that the Loonie Labs product range is certainly in need of further exploration. Rocking evening guys, thanks heaps!

In other news, I'm off to join B this evening up in Cambridge for further tasty food and a night in a very pleasant looking B&B, followed by a weekend of music (the playing/singing of) and a mission to finish billyabbott's whisky. Splendid.
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looovveeee Looney Labs...

full stuffage for those who haven't a clue what we are talking about HERE

Gaming evening sounds fab - and having you to stay over on a non school night would be fun - just tell us when and then I get to cook Beef in Guinness Stew with mountains of buttery cream mashed potatoes...

[Realtan goes for the hard sell]
*droool* - sounds like a plan to me. Perhaps in the new year once we've gotten over the Xmas season and its excesses.