MPC still hunting sysadmins

Wanted, UNIX people. 2 positions, 3 years and 5 years of experience respectively. Please see here for more details. (Please excuse the brokenness of the frame set, it's the only way I can link to it).

Any questions, feel free to comment or email me and I'll answer as best I can. For more details and applications, email Kate (as detailed on the web site).
To be fair I didn't realise I'd seen the back of Tim Burton's head until someone else pointed out who it was. Perhaps my rear-of-head celeb recognition skills aren't what they could be...
Argh, I knew there was another email I'd been meaning to write...

I spent my last two night shifts trying to complete my CV, and wondering why I've hit such a mental block with it. And I found that, although I dislike a lot about my job, especially the shifts, I do like the company still. If I can stick out this job for six months of so, hopefully I'll get promoted into one of the 2nd line teams which will mean more interesting work and no shifts.

So, thank you heaps for letting me know about the job, and I just may be regretting this in a few months time when I'm still being paid to spam LJ at 4am, but I'm not going to apply just yet.
The rate we're going we may still be looking. Rest assured I'll post any further vacancies here.