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Hmm, a post on a mailing list I'm on has reminded me that I have, on and off, been thinking about continuing my studies. This post pointed out that the University of London provide a distance learning option on a seleciton of their courses.

The MSc in Information Security, provided by Royal Holloway, seemed particularly interesting to me (more details here and here).

Doesn't look like it quite has the flexibility of OU, but does seem like just the thing I'd be looking for. Perhaps I should have another dig through their computing courses too. I have until the end of May 2005 to apply for this course (since they run in parallel with the full-time taught courses) so I have some mind up-making time...
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what about MSc in Sheep Herding? Sheep would feel at home with your woolly do.
Frankly, such comments are suggestive of the fact I need to get myself again to a Baaa-ber.

Sorry, I'll get my coat.
The RHUL MSc is excellent and taught by people who really know where their towels are. (Disclaimer: I am not an entirely unbiased source in this matter.) If you want to be put in touch with people there to talk about it further, shout (and provide me an email address...)
What be the source of your bias, out of interest. Certainly being put in touch would be good, but perhaps I'll go take a look at what OU have on offer at this point too, just to see what my options are.

Do you know if it's possible to jump in to such things part way through the year?
Assuming you have downloaded the leaflet about the distance-learning MSc -- if you look at the staff bit, the chap on the far left was my PhD supervisor, and the third from the left was my office-mate for two of the three years I was there ;)

I don't think you can jump in part-way through simply because I know it's been very popular and thus I suspect there might be resourcing issues -- but it never hurts to ask!

I've also been involved with the MSc in Secure E-Commerce, as a visiting speaker, for the last few years, but from what I hear that's going to be folded into the main MSc fairly shortly.
I know a few people who hat done the Royal Holloway course, and from what I can tell it is very fine indead.
I agree they realy know where there towels are...