It's a Small (LJ) World after all...

sheepthief just pointed out easterbunny to miss_soap due to a shared interest in the mysteries of London geography. Out of interest I followed the link, only to find that she is a friend of god_tim, who I happens to work at MPC on and off.

It would seem the incestuous world of Slimelight attendees is to blame.
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And round it goes!
And now via </a></b></a>miss_soap knowing </a></b></a>juliann and </a></b></a>naughtypixie and posting about thier loss of car, I read mr pixies journal entry on the event and find you.
Re: And round it goes!
Sometimes LJ makes me a little afraid. Hows life on KOH treating you?
Re: And round it goes!
KOH is treating me well. I'm doing cloth simulations, which take quite a bit of processing time and stop me switching to another desktop, so i'm racking up many hours reading lj and numerous other blogs and web comics.

Sometimes reading lj or any other blog feels like stalking, people write in a very cosy friendly manner and don't seem to acknowledge that anyone in the world can read it. But then they choose to do it so... (on reflection that seems like a very flimsy defense, akin to 'well she chose to go out dressed like a tart', well i'll crawl back under my rock now and continue reading but never commenting)
Re: And round it goes!
To lurk or not to lurk? Teh interweb is an unforgiving place. If people want to bare all (so to speak) that's their problem. If they care the Friends Only post is there to solve all their woes. Tatty bye, perhaps see you in real life sometime.