We're Hiring

Looking for 2 Systems peoples at MPC. Details are to be seen here in the About MPC > Recruitment section.

Comment or mail me if you want to know more.
Long time reader, first time poster. :-)
The lovely zoo_music_girl told me of this and I was wndering do I apply via your self or on the web?
Re: Long time reader, first time poster. :-)
Go via Kate, whose details are on the web site. I'm just the messenger here, no involvement in the recruiting process itself. :)
Sounds good but:
1) it's in Nodnol - not good for certain mad doggies
2) Unix - bah what's wrong with microsoft?..Oh wait hang on, you actually DO want to produce stuff...and on time TOO?? ;-)

Having said that I have pointed that page in the direction of a bloke at work who is a Maya artist currently pimping as a field engineer...