Closed to the meat.

So, in an effort to do something about my cholesterol I'm thinking about how to reduce my meat, dairy and egg intake as much as I can. To this end:

Dear Lazyweb,

Where is a good place for a life-long carnivore to find a gentle introduction to meat-free/vegan cooking?



Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.
Yeah, my plan is to save the meaty meals for occasional good restaurant visits, etc., or eating at friends.

I think I've come to realize that what I'm looking to learn about is how to actually work with tofu, tempeh, etc. as that is what is unknown to me. I can cook just about any vegetable under the sun, I just need to have something else to build the meal around. :)
again i find that you can cook lots of vegetable dishes in their own right and not trying to look for a meat substitute. As I said vegetable curry or say stuffed marrow/peppers, ratatouille... well google will give you a near endless list. IMHO they tend to be a lot better then the vegetarian dishes that pretend to be meat