Closed to the meat.

So, in an effort to do something about my cholesterol I'm thinking about how to reduce my meat, dairy and egg intake as much as I can. To this end:

Dear Lazyweb,

Where is a good place for a life-long carnivore to find a gentle introduction to meat-free/vegan cooking?



Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.
What I finds helps is to obtain near overwhelming amounts of veg regularly. That leaves you so worried about it all going off and being wasted that you eat so much vegetation that you just don't have room for much meat and it becomes rarely missed. Of course this only works when you don't buy a lot of meat at the same time leaving you also feeling you have to eat all the meat before it goes off. Helpfully, most began proteins never go off (ie dried/tinned lentils, beans, dried soy mince etc).

Sounds a bit daft, but it _might_ help as it's what I tend to do normally. I'm not sure of much good advice I can give as I naturally inclined (after ~5 times a week meat parent cooking) towards meat about once/twice a week.

Also I guess, the more you cook meat-free or vegan the easier it gets to instinctively put together interesting meals. When I went fully vegan for a month I found just pootling around websites linked from google gave ideas, even if not recipes which I used exactly.
Yeah, as suggested by a friend on facebook, it might be time to join a Community Supported Agriculture scheme (like veg-box meets cooperative - a common scheme over here for local produce). That should give us plenty of veg to work through. :)

I think that's a lot of it, getting used to the meals minus the meat when planning shopping and thinking about what to cook in a hurry. Need to learn how tofu, tempeh, etc work. :)