Closed to the meat.

So, in an effort to do something about my cholesterol I'm thinking about how to reduce my meat, dairy and egg intake as much as I can. To this end:

Dear Lazyweb,

Where is a good place for a life-long carnivore to find a gentle introduction to meat-free/vegan cooking?



Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.
In all po-faced earnestness, we should probably be more disciplined about eating the vegetarian and bean-based meals that are taking up valuable tupperwared freezer space. One or more of the leftover rutabaga soup, cabbage / tomato / shrimp curry, and red beans and rice (OK, so that one is full of tasty, tasty legal meat schlong) are always listed on our weekly meal plan to eat after we've done the meals with fresh ingredients, and they all contain 3 - 5 different veg (by variety if not by strict portion size).

This wonderful and cruciferous plan breaks down when it gets to the end of the week and we I want nachos served with a paste of frozen pizza blended with ice cream and wine. :)

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Most of these things can be accompanied by good bread. Perhaps your swinging by a bakery on the way home could encourage better attrition of the frozen leftovers? :)
This would require me to get around to attaching the basket to my bicycle so that I can fulfill my fantasy of West End = the golden if fictitious days of Provence.
Hey, you could buy it from a bakery called Provence, you can sell it! :)

I'd say we totally need to make the basket happen, even if paniers would be better. :P