Closed to the meat.

So, in an effort to do something about my cholesterol I'm thinking about how to reduce my meat, dairy and egg intake as much as I can. To this end:

Dear Lazyweb,

Where is a good place for a life-long carnivore to find a gentle introduction to meat-free/vegan cooking?



Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.
My sugar intake is already pretty minimal, but I had seen that before. I'll still be eating some animal protein, just need to get a lot more plant matter into my diet instead of beefs, y'know. :)
Aha! Yeah, I hear you ... I read something the other day that said the WHO recommends something like ten-a-day and finds the UK's five-a-day laughable, but accepts that it's impossible to persuade Britain to eat that many veg. Dono about persuade us to eat them - I don't think I could afford ten a day!