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Previously, while attending a pleasant cocktail soiree easterbunny got talking to margotmetroland et al about personal shoppers, with specific reference to clothing.

She has grand plans to off to Harvey Nicks to engage the services of such a person for strategic jean, jacket and boot purchasing reasons, as well as a general wardrobe/look makeover. And I've been invited to do the same.

Now I'm intrigued by the idea, but am left at something of a loss as to what 'look' I'd be interested in going for. Now I am not, by any means, as alternative as the vast majority of you but I do like to think I stand out a little from Joe Public. I do, however, worry that perhaps my current wardrobe leaves me a little on the scruffy end of student couture.

Work is casual for me, although I'd like to look more professional then I do at the moment. Right now my work clothes and gig going clothes are one in the same, however I guess this is something I should change.

So, to smarten up a little, but still be a little different? What to do? Rather than make a decision I thought I'd let you lot do it for me. :) So, my friends, please to be answering the following:

a.) How would you describe my current look? Do I even have one?

b.) What kind of look do you think would suit me?

Need more info to make the decision, quiz me below. General comments also appreciated, I really am at a loss as to direction here...

Thanking you for your input. :)

Edit: slightly changed due to random stream of conciousness nature of post. :)
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Mmm. can't really claim to know you well enough (or your wardrobe) to pass any really constructive comment.

Other than given your entry Harvey Nick's is probably too up market/expensive - get outfitted in stuff you will actually wear. John Lewis have free personal shoppers, as do BHS, Debenhams and Marks (though I believe the Marks service isn't free). I have heard very good things about the Debenhams lot.

Assuming your in computers (isn't everyone?) then a couple of pairs of chino style trousers (black, cream, navy whatever..) and some good quality either polo shirts if you wear them or quality t-shirts and 2 good quality shirts (with cufflinks - you can wear them without tie and jacket for client meeting days) should give you a certain amount of polish and is also suitable for 'dinner dates' and weddings etc...

Also get some proper leather shoes (if you don't already have some), people do notice ;-)

I always wanted to be a personal shopper ;-)