Why yes, I would like you to back off!

wonders why tailgating drivers are so hugely surprised when he applies his brakes. Stopping distance not a concept taught in Drivers Ed?
That's not to say there *aren't* bad drivers in the UK, there certainly are, but the average behavior I've witnessed is not covering Middle Tennessee in glory, I can tell you.
The driving in France seems to be pretty special i have to say... *significantly* worse than in the UK. Im not sure if its because im pottering about with a big GB stamped on the back of my car but everyone seems to have a psycotic need to be in front.

In ten years of driving on very similar semi rural roads in the UK i never came round a blind corner to find someone overtaking coming head on at me. It has now happened three of four times in the year i've been here. Not good statistics i know, but not going to make me cry out Vive la France either.