First photo from my new T610 - didn't turn out too bad when this size but is a bit naff otherwise. Took one of easterbunny too, but I'll let her doktor it up first.
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why a t610. a k700 would have been better. the same phone ish but faster
Ah yes, but that would have meant I missed out on the 150mins Xnet and 50 texts for 4.99 per month for 12 months. This was a money saving exercise, the aquisition of shiny was merely a nice side-effect.
It did sadly mean a move to BT Mobile (provided by T-Mobile) but perhaps their network sucks less now then it did back when I aquired my current mobile number.
No doubt I will get what I pay for, however I rest easy, safe in the knowledge that it will suck less than 3.
Tis shinier then my 6310i, and cost me nothing. If it sucks that bad I'll just get my nokia unlocked and use that instead.